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Bicycling / Mountain Biking Around The Clarion River, Cook Forest and The Allegheny National Forest

Bicycling in the area is typically done along the scenic Clarion River. River Road is paved from Cook Forest State Park to Clarington. Shortly outside of Clarington, a dirt road continues along the river for many miles. Cook Forest State Park has also created a bicycle trail utilizing existing hiking trails and roads through and around the State Park.

Bicycling along the Clarion River is probably most enjoyable during the weekdays or in the "off peak" season (when there is not so much automobile traffic to contend with).

The Clarion-Little Toby Trail:

This 18 mile trail connects Ridgeway to Brockway and is open for Hiking, cycling, and cross-country skiing. Enjoy the Clarion, a nationally designated wild and scenic river as it winds through breathtaking countryside and branches off to Toby Creek, crossing a half dozen runs along the way. Approximately 4.2 miles on the Ridgeway end and 4.3 miles on the Brockway end have been completed. The remaining 9.5 miles are graded and drained.

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