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Canoeing, Kayaking and Innertubing the Clarion River

To say that canoeing is big on the Clarion River would be an understatement.  For almost 30 years visitors to Cook Forest have enjoyed taking upriver canoe trips with the area's canoe liveries.  Innertubing has become very popular too in the warmer months.  Most recently, kayakers are taking to the Clarion.  Whatever your choice, all can be rented locally.

There are numerous canoe rentals in the area which offer unguided canoe, innertube and kayak trips on the Clarion River. The river is relatively safe, even for the inexperienced. The rapids are mild (Class I) at normal water levels. Patrons are transported up river to the drop off point and journey down the river, ending up at Cook Forest. Trips from Cook Forest to the Clarion River Dam at Clarion can be arranged also.  The river varies in depth from 6 inches to about 8 feet at the deepest, until entering the backwaters of the Clarion Dam.

Day trip lengths range anywhere from 4 miles (about 1-1.5 hrs.) to 16 miles (all day) and suffice for those simply wanting to get out and enjoy the sun.  For the more adventurous, overnight trips are also available, ranging from 16 to 37 miles in length.

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