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Map & directions to MacBeth's Cabins, located adjacent to the Clarion River in Cook Forest State Park, approximately 17 miles from Clarion and Brookville.  [click to zoom map]

Directions from Ohio

Take I-80 East to the Cook Forest/Clarion Exit 60
Turn left after exiting and follow the road
approximately 3 miles to a traffic light.
Go straight through the light
Proceed along Route 66 to a blinking light at Leeper
Turn right at Leeper
Proceed approx. 7 miles
Cross the Clarion River Bridge
MacBeth's Cabins/Store is on the immediate right hand side.

Directions from Eastern PA

Take I-80 West to Brookville Exit 78
Exit the ramp and turn right onto Route 36
Proceed about 17 miles to Cook Forest
MacBeth's is on the left, just before the Clarion River bridge.

Directions from Pittsburgh, PA

Take Route 28 North to Kittanning, then proceed to
New Bethlehem, then to Brookville.
Go straight through the intersection at Brookville, proceeding 17 miles along Route 36 to Cook Forest.
MacBeth's is on the left hand side, just before the Clarion River Bridge.

G.P.S. Co-ordinates

North +41.32972
West -079.20872